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Expensify + Xero

One quick snapshot and your receipts are captured, stored, and read, with no manual data entry. Expenses are reimbursed automatically and updated in your accounting software. With Expensify’s simple UX, you decide what needs approval and what can be automatically approved to save you time. Integrating Expensify and Xero using Appy Pie Connect is a smart choice for any business looking to streamline their workflow and increase productivity. With Appy Pie Connect, an AI-driven integration platform, you can easily connect your favorite apps and automate your workflows in just a few clicks. The advanced features offered by Appy Pie Connect, including real-time data syncing and custom field mapping, make it stand out from other integration tools.

Divvy is a SaaS platform for expense management that gives businesses access to a range of financial services and credit. It’s built for small and mid-sized enterprises and was recently purchased by BILL, a financial Expensify + Xero automation company. Integrating your project management software with Xero ensures data is synced across both platforms, making it easier to ensure invoices are paid and projects are completed without delay.

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Secondly, online invoices that you send through Xero will have the option for customers to pay via Square. Millions of small businesses use Square to accept payments from customers. Xero’s Stripe https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ integration is built by the Xero developer team and can be accessed through the Xero platform. Stripe is one of the world’s leading payment gateways for accepting credit card payments digitally.

What does Expensify integrate with?

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With Expensify and Zapier, you can automatically organize receipts, create reports, and export data. Reimburse your employees quickly and efficiently and keep track of company expenses without wasting time on manual data entry.

It streamlines your entire pre-accounting process and syncs seamlessly with both Xero and QuickBooks. Expensify saves countless hours of grueling manual entry with one-click expense reports in real-time. Xero partnered with Capital One earlier this month, enabling small businesses to connect their Capital One financial data with their Xero cloud accounting software. The company also announced that it was working with Equifax to provide SMEs access to credit risk evaluation tools typically used by big businesses and lenders. Awarded Best Overall Fintech Platform by the Fintech Breakthrough Awards, the Wellington, New Zealand-based company was founded in 2006, and went public in 2007, trading on the New Zealand stock exchange under the ticker XRO. Xero picked up more than $26 million in new funding in April, courtesy of Technology Crossover Ventures , bringing its total, post-equity funding to more than $381 million.

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Expensify delivers cloud-based receipt & expense management via a user-friendly web & mobile application with direct integrations to accounting & workflow tools. Moreover, Appy Pie Connect offers a range of pre-built integrations and automation workflows for Expensify and Xero, which can be customized to meet your specific requirements. This means that you can set up workflows to trigger actions in one app based on events in the other app, or create automated processes that run in the background without any manual intervention. Brex is a SaaS company that provides an integrated expense management solution and easy-to-use corporate cards.

Expensify + Xero

For example, Calxa can help with budget creation, managing financial KPIs, creating cash flow forecasts, and multiple budget and scenario analyses. The big benefit here is the ability to eliminate all that messy paperwork and filing. Once you’ve scanned a document, you’ve got it securely stored in the cloud, and Hubdoc has a strong search and retrieve system, so it’s easy to find documents when you need them.

Zapier Automation Platform

Dext Prepare also integrates with Xero HQ, an activity feed add-on, so you can see all financial activity from both platforms in one location. Both products have integrations with Xero and are built by the Dext team. This integration is built by the team at EzzyBills, and is one of Xero’s “Staff Picks,” with 62 five-star ratings on the Xero App Store. Uploading digital (i.e., PDF) invoices is just as simple; you just forward the email to your EzzyBills account for automatic upload. CarryTheOne is perhaps the most widely used, with a cost of $32 per month.

Expensify + Xero

Now that you understand the difference between Xero add-ons and integrations, let’s look at how you can connect them to your existing software stack. We highly recommend to contact integration platforms to figure out what metrics they can extract. Sometimes integration platforms don’t have certain metrics out of the box, so it’s better to contact them.